npower Heath Through Warmth Scheme Reaches 2000th Milestone

npower’s Heath Through Warmth scheme has reached two impressive milestones this month, seven years after its launch in Leicester.

The scheme, which is managed locally by Leicester City Council in partnership with NHS Leicester, hit two milestones within days of one another, receiving its 2,000th referral and accessing £2 million of leverage to fund the heating and insulation measures installed for vulnerable Leicester residents with cold and damp related illnesses.

npowers Health Through Warmth scheme aims to help vulnerable residents whose health is made worse by cold and damp living conditions and they don’t have inadequate heating and insulation.

The scheme relies on community workers referring people to the scheme. Each referral is assessed individually by the local Health Through Warmth co-ordinator and funding is accessed from a variety of sources, including the unique npower Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund, government grants and charitable funds to help pay for the installation of appropriate heating and insulation measures.

Elaine Midwinter, Health Through Warmth scheme manager, commented: “We’re thrilled that Health Through Warmth has reached two such impressive milestones in Leicester. I’d like to thank the team at Leicester City Council, as well as all our partners and referrers who have helped to make Health Through Warmth such a success in the area. It is thanks to their hard work that we are able to continue improving the comfort and quality of life for vulnerable residents.”

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