Npower Calls On Small Businesses In The UK To Be More Energy Efficient And Save Up To 20 Per Cent On Energy Bills

Small businesses in the UK are being urged to be energy efficient and save up to 20% on energy bills as the economy continues to bite.

The call comes as energy company npower completes a series of small business energy makeovers which have shown that saving energy is often one of the easiest ways of reducing costs and can be done through simple steps that together make a big difference.

npower’s energy efficiency makeovers have helped four businesses cut their energy spend by £1,200 and, at the same time, reduce CO2 output by almost 4.9 tonnes. With many SMEs facing difficult trading and financial uncertainty, npower believes these energy efficiency measures serve as examples of the cost savings that can be achieved in all workplaces.

Reducing the air conditioning temperature setting in a pub by a mere 2 degrees C will provide a cost saving of some £232 a year, while energy saving measures implemented at a printing press will be enough to cover the running costs of one of its machines everyday for nearly four months. Simply defrosting the fridge freezer and replacing lighting will contribute to cutting a car auction’s energy bill by £300, while draught proofing doors and changing light bulbs in a shop could lead to savings of £400 on its energy bills.

npower’s team of energy saving experts visited the range of businesses – including a pub , small printers, car auction and a shoe repair shop – to offer practical assistance to reduce energy consumption .

The team replaced light bulbs with energy saving equivalents; defrosted fridges and freezers; switched kettles to eco-friendlier alternatives; adjusted air conditioning and fitted reflective radiator panels; fitted timers to electrical equipment to switch if off when not in use; draught-proofed doors and even installed a wind-up radio and solar powered phone charger, substituting them for existing electric equivalents

“At times like these, every penny counts and we’ve demonstrated simple steps that small businesses in any sector can undertake to save money.” said Steve Fitzsimons, business energy manager at npower.

“Our recent survey has shown 60% of British adults believe that energy is being wasted in their businesses yet when you’re busy running your company it can sometimes seem difficult to dedicate time to cutting costs. Putting in place a range of energy saving measures for little or no cost will cut their energy bills without compromising operations,” added Fitzsimons.

Businesses wanting advice on cutting energy bills should visit npower, where they can sign-up to receive an advice pack and free Current Cost monitor, which will help them track how energy is being used.

About npower:
npower is dedicated to helping UK businesses use energy more efficiently and therefore spend less money on their bills. npower aims to have a positive impact on the communities it serves and reduce customers’ carbon footprints whilst always improving the service to customers.

npower specialises in risk management solutions, including market-leading flexible energy purchasing, energy efficiency, and broader energy management functions, tailored to every size of business. For major energy users, npower offers multi-utility management consultancy to enable organisations to improve efficiencies right across the procurement/consumption chain.

npower is committed to helping its small business customers to improve their energy efficiency. Since 2006 the ‘e3’ campaign (standing for energy, efficiency, environment) npower has offered business customers advice and guidance on reducing energy consumption. New business customers receive an energy monitor designed to improve their consumption awareness as well as access to a dedicate energy efficiency telephone helpline and website.

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Russ Allen, author of the new book Electrocution of America: Is Your Utility Company Out to Kill You?

With just a few months before President-elect Barack Obama takes over the White House, one expert is questioning whether his plan for infrastructure reform is complete. 

Months ago, Obama called for the creation of a National Infrastructure Reinvestment Bank to help rebuild America’s roads and bridges.

Russ Allen, author of the new book Electrocution of America: Is Your Utility Company Out to Kill You?, says the plan ought to include provisions for dealing with a little-known but serious form of electrical pollution called “stray current.”

“The way that utility companies in this country have built their distribution systems allows stray current to run through American homes and infrastructure on its way back to substations,” says Allen. “That stray current has killed people as well as livestock, and could be taxing the healthcare system by causing illness.”

More and more lawsuits across the nation are being won by plaintiffs who are suing utility companies over this dangerous issue. 

Mr. Allen says that Obama’s plan should include legislation that mandates utility companies return stray current to their substations on a third wire, just as the builders of homes are required to install outlets with a third wire. “If stray current isn’t stopped, Americans will continue to suffer its effects,” says Mr. Allen.

Some states, including Wisconsin, Michigan and New York, have already tried to pass legislation requiring that utility companies monitor stray current but many of those attempts have fallen short. The attempted legislation followed studies that confirmed the dangers of stray current.

Electrocution of America is Mr. Allen’s attempt to combat stray voltage and the utilities that allow it. In his book, he points out that stray current, or stray voltage as it is sometimes called, can have devastating effects on people, including:
• An increase in the blood sugar levels of diabetics
• An increase in the severity of the symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis
• An increase in the incidents of ADD in children
• An increase in the numbers of fibromyalgia sufferers

There is even evidence of a reduction in the milk production of livestock.

Russ Allen is one of the heirs to the Allen Dairy Farm outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and a leader in the movement against the electrical pollution of animals. He won a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Wisconsin Public Service for the damage they caused to his dairy herd with the design of their distribution system.

Electrocution of America: Is Your Utility Company Out to Kill You? can be found on:

For more information, contact the author directly at

GLENMORE BOOKS and author Russ Allen chose Arbor Books ( to design and promote Electrocution of America: Is Your Utility Company Out to Kill You? Arbor Books is an internationally renowned, full-service book design, ghostwriting and marketing firm. 

(Electrocution of America: Is Your Utility Company Out to Kill You? by Russ Allen; ISBN: 0-9779685-0-2; $22.95; softcover; 5½” x 8½”; 406 pages; GLENMORE BOOKS)

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Opus Energy, A Leading Independent Supplier Of Electricity To UK Businesses, Is Celebrating The Success Of Opus Evolution

Opus Energy, a leading independent supplier of electricity to UK businesses, is celebrating the success of its market-leading online energy purchasing system, which was launched just over 12 months ago but is already responsible for 25% of its turnover and has added over 3,000 sites through new customers.

In September 2007, Opus Energy unveiled a UK market-first when it launched Opus Evolution, its advanced online electricity purchasing product for the non Half Hourly metered markets. This pioneering solution, developed and offered exclusively by Opus Energy, is unique to the non Half Hourly metered market sector and allows the customer to fix their electricity demand directly with the wholesale market. Customers are able to manage their portfolio of sites, seeing real-time data and historic information at a time, and in a location, that is convenient to them. The product enables multi-site corporate customers to move away from fixed pricing agreements and offer them the flexibility to implement their own energy purchasing strategies.

Since its launch, Opus Evolution has proved immensely successful in attracting new business and retaining existing customers. By creating access to a market segment that was previously unavailable to the smaller supplier, Opus Energy has been able to attract a host of household brands. Early adopters include Farmfoods, Goodyear Dunlop Ltd, Thorntons Plc, Stagecoach Plc and First Group Plc. These amongst others have helped to cement Opus Energy as not only a real alternative to the major incumbent suppliers, but a market-leader in its field.

Steve James, Commercial Director at Opus Energy, said: “We are delighted by the reception Opus Evolution has had over the last 12 months. The uptake has been more than 200% of the initial target and it is incredible to think that this solution is now responsible for a quarter of our business turnover.

“Without doubt, Opus Evolution helps distinguish Opus Energy as a market-leader amongst our peer group. It showcases us as an innovative and flexible independent supplier that is able to quickly meet the demands of both SME and corporate customers.

”We are in no way standing still with Opus Evolution and we are continuing to look at ways of enhancing it in order to better equip our customers against the volatile energy market.”

About Opus Energy
Opus Energy is a leading independent supplier of electricity to UK businesses, based in Northampton. It has over 40,000 customers across the country, including Yell Group Plc, Stagecoach Plc, Thorntons Plc, Farmfoods and Deloitte & Touche LLP. Opus offers companies best-price electricity together with tailored customer care. Its flexible, tailor-made solutions suit businesses across the SME and larger corporate market.

Between April 2006 and March 2007, 66% of the energy supplied by Opus Energy to its customers came from cleaner, low-carbon sources – 47% from renewable generators and 19% from cleaner Combined Heat and Power (CHP) produced by CHP generators.

Opus Energy’s management team has a 50 percent stake in the business, while International Power Plc (LSE:IPR.L) holds 30 percent and Telecom Plus Plc (LSE: TEP.L ) has 20 percent.

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Energy Saving Outdoor Lighting Sale Ideal For Fall/Winter Season – a leading supplier of commercial lightingresidential lighting and grow lights, today announced its sale on outdoor energy saving lights in recognition of Daylight Savings Time.

The line of outdoor energy saving light fixtures come in variety in styles and provide additional light to dark entryways. Energy saving lights like those available at Access Discounts are an excellent way to address safety issues, increase home value and curb appeal while supporting green energy solutions. The Daylight Savings Sale features eco-friendly residential lights offering customers significant savings. From hanging lanterns to wall mounted lights, Access Discounts provides affordable lighting solutions for interior and exterior lighting needs.

The use of outdoor lighting fixtures such as the Hunter Kenroy collection offers brighter solutions that are conducive to the green movement. Access Discounts offers low cost solutions for residential and commercial lighting solutions that are high quality and energy efficient. The online retailer provides 100% American made commercial lighting products guaranteed to be of the highest quality lights meeting ETL, UL & CUL standards.

Customers can experience significant savings on residential lights designed for residential or commercial exteriors, entry ways, stairways, parking garages, or storage areas.

“As the economy continues to wane, we know that both low cost and energy saving solutions are more important than ever. Access Discounts offers instant savings to businesses and consumers. Shoppers can benefit from our site-wide cost savings and shipping promotions,” stated Christina Roush, spokesperson for Access Discounts.

By offering precision engineered products, Access Discounts brings the very best in energy efficient lighting solutions to market while passing savings on to their customers. Customers can take advantage of Access Discounts’ price breaks and implement power saving and cost saving solutions with minimal investment. For more information on outdoor residential lights on sale, please visit

About Access Discounts provides a wide selection of grow lightsresidential lighting andcommercial lighting of the highest quality. Leveraging the close relationships developed with top lighting manufacturers, Access Discounts is able to provide the very best in lighting solutions at affordable prices. As a leading supplier of lighting fixtures for horticultural lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, Access Discounts strives to bring quality lighting to customers nationwide. Founded in 2002 with headquarters in Milpitas, CA offers lights, lighting fixtures and accessories for residential, commercial and horticulture lighting needs. For more information, please visit

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Many struggling oil and gas producers have big ideas, but may find their projects postponed indefinitely or pass them by while they struggle to find funds, not anymore

Commonwealth Capital Advisors (CCA) reached yet another milestone when it released a new software module of Financial Architect®. OIL & GAS Producer™ is revolutionizing the way start-up and early-stage Oil & Gas producers are raising substantial amounts of capital using the techniques of Wall Street investment banks.

OIL & GAS Producer™ is an addition to the highly acclaimed Financial Architect® for operating companies that simplifies equity financing for start-up and early-stage companies. The easy-to-use software based OIL & GAS Producer™ generates the required securities offering documents and investor leads, which enable start-up and early stage Oil & Gas producers, Oil & Gas Drillers and Field and Production Engineers raise and manage an unlimited amount of capital for oil and gas acquisition and or production.

CCA is a ten-year-old investment banking advisory firm comprised of Wall Street Investment Bankers, Securities Attorneys and CPAs who invented Financial Architect®, a patent pending system designed to substantially reduce the cost (in time and money) of raising capital, through the selling of securities.

“The goals of Financial Architect®, and the module we’re announcing for oil and gas production companies are simple,” said Timothy Hogan, CCA’s Chairman and CEO. “We want to help entrepreneurs involved in the oil and gas industry to significantly lower the costs and increase the speed of raising equity capital. Just as important, we want to provide oil and gas producers and their professional management teams with an easy-to-use expert system that will enable them to choose the right deal structure for the capital they need, and manage those funds in compliance with federal and state securities laws, rules and regulations.”

“We believe there’s significant and growing demand among entrepreneurs for control over their financing strategies. The software components of Financial Architect® are designed to meet this ‘do-it-yourself’ approach,” he concluded. More importantly, Commonwealth Capital Advisors has developed and now provides

Financial Architect® as the Premier Expert System for start-up, early-stage and seasoned companies, that seek capital. The patent pending, software based, Financial Architect® is a system and method of reducing the cost of raising capital, as so states the abstract of its patent application.

Financial Architect® enables entrepreneurs to: valuate their company pre and post-money; create “marketable deal structures” for securities to be offered that are designed to sell into today’s private equity markets; create the required securities offering documents compliant with federal and state securities laws, rules and regulations; and access to accredited “angel” investors, private equity funds, hedge funds, registered investment advisors, broker-dealers and many other sources of capital, around the world, that have a specific interest in funding start-up and early-stage companies. Access to investors, more Wall Street secrets and techniques, as well as, regulatory guidance is located in the password-protected “Commonwealth Capital Club” located on CCA’s website and is part of Financial Architect®.

“When it comes to raising capital, there are no guarantees — only degrees of probability. To further ensure success, simply increase the probability to the highest degree possible. Financial Architect® is designed to increase your probability of raising capital to the highest degree possible. How can we make such a claim? Because this is the Wall Street process and without it, Wall Street wouldn’t exist. We’ve simply brought the “Wall Street” process to “Main Street” companies.”

Timothy D. Hogan, Founder & CEO: Commonwealth Capital Advisors “When it comes to raising capital, there is no simpler way to explain how to effectively raise substantial amounts of capital while maintaining voting control. If you read just the first 2-Chapters of the Ebook, “The Secrets of Wall St. – Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early Stage Companies,” it would be time well spent. By doing so, you will be able to make an informed decision if our process is right for your company’s capital raising needs. At a minimum, you will save a significant amount of time, money and headaches trying to figure out how the world of capital really works,” Hogan concluded.

If you have not been through the process before and have a limited appreciation and understanding of it, then we suggest you educate yourself first, by reading the abridged edition of: “The Secrets of Wall Street – Raising Capital for Start-Up and Early Stage Companies.” (It’s Complimentary)

Entrepreneurs around the world are revolutionizing the way capital is raised using Financial Architect®.

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The Sierra Nevada Carbon Cooperative Is Actively Engaged In The First Pilot Project Based On Avoided Deforestation

The Sierra Nevada Carbon Cooperative (SNCC) can’t tell you the price for watching the Alpenglow sunset over Waddle Ranch, but they can tell you the price for carbon offsets created by preserving this 1,500 acre property. As fine a vision as open spaces in the setting sun may be, the bigger benefit here is the potential for a model that finances forest conservation.

The Sierra Business Council created the Sierra Nevada Carbon Cooperative in 2008 with start-up funding through a Sierra Nevada Conservancy grant. The SNCC is actively engaged in the first pilot project based on avoided deforestation—carbon credits for preventing the planned residential and golf course development.

The Waddle Ranch project in Martis Valley will be registered and verified this month with the California Climate Action Registry (CCAR). Based on the inventory of the carbon pools on the forest and a calculation of the baseline, CCAR serializes each ton of carbon registered. These can be permanently retired once purchased or held in the project’s account. The SNCC acts as a liaison, connecting buyers of carbon offsets, landowners, and CCAR, to develop, register, and market these forest carbon offsets. Funds are returned to land owners, allowing owners to finance the conservation and ongoing stewardship of their land.

The Sierra Nevada region is a prime location for carbon offset projects. SNCC forest projects are certified under the highest standards, ensuring multiple co-benefits, such as protecting California’s upper watershed lands, maintaining wildlife habitat, and fostering a new green economy in a region with a long history of resource extraction.

“We’re examining how to maintain the Sierra Nevada as a carbon sink rather than a carbon source in order to draw more [carbon] out of the atmosphere than we are emitting. The Sierra Nevada will be a model and we must begin examining alternative forest management methods if we want to mitigate and plan for climate change in the state of California.” Betony Jones, Sierra Business Council

Come hear SNCC program director Betony Jones discuss this project, and other important carbon impact reduction programs from the Environmental Defense Fund and The Nature Conservancy at the Sierra Solutions conference.

Web Site:

Contact Details: ABOUT THE CONFERENCE: SIERRA SOLUTIONS—Tools for Sustainable Communities, Economies and the Environment
October 3-4, 2008

Mammoth Resort Conference Center
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Hosted by The Sierra Business Council and the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, SIERRA SOLUTIONS highlights leading sustainability speakers.

More on Sierra Nevada Carbon Credits

Media: Pamela Biery, 530.470.9292
Conference: Nikki Streegan, 530.582.4800
Details on Sierra Nevada Carbon Cooperative, Betony Jones, 530.582.4800

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Energy Saving High Bay Light Fixtures Offer Green Benefit – a leading supplier of commercial lighting, residential lighting and grow lights, today announced the newest inventory of energy saving lights including compact fluorescent hi bay fixtures that provide environmentally conscious lighting customers more options in green lighting solutions.

The line of acrylic lights are not only eco-friendly, but provide significant savings for customers from an economic standpoint. The compact fluorescent fixtures are listed for damp locations and warehouse facilities, commercial buildings, manufacturing plants, shipping and receiving areas and storage facilities.

With it’s up-light components, the 22″ acrylic CFL high bay fixture is UL listed and the reflector has a 92.5 total luminaries efficiency, which is ideal for light colored ceilings. The overall height is 22.3″ with a 15.07 ballast housing offering substantial light at lower energy savings costs.

The use of commercial lighting fixtures such as the acrylic high bay fixtures provides brighter and lighter solutions that are conducive to the green movement.

Access Discounts offers low cost solutions for commercial lighting solutions that address lighting as well as lower energy costs. Providing 100% American made commercial lighting products guaranteed to be of the highest quality, Access Discounts aims to provide customers efficient, effective and quality commercial and residential lighting solutions.

Ideal for commercial, the 22″ acrylic CFL high bay fluorescent light fixtures bring value not only in the form of green lighting and energy efficient savings, but the cost in comparison to alternative lighting solutions is a substantial benefit as well. Customers can experience significant savings on commercial lights including high bay aluminum lights, low bay lights as well as wall packs designed for residential or commercial exteriors, entry ways, stairways, parking garages, or storage areas.

“With the economic slow down and soaring energy costs happening today, it is crucial for organizations to offset costs wherever possible. With the instant savings offered by Access Discounts businesses and consumers can leverage the site-wide cost savings and add value all the while minimizing the costs associated with rising energy costs,” stated Christina Roush, spokesperson for Access Discounts.

By offering precision engineered products meeting ETL, UL & CUL standards, the company brings the very best in energy efficient lighting solutions to market while passing savings on to their customers. Customers can take advantage of Access Discounts‘ price breaks and implement power saving and cost saving solutions with minimal investment. For more information on commercial lights on sale, please visit

About Access Discounts provides a wide selection of grow lightsresidential lighting andcommercial lighting of the highest quality. Leveraging the close relationships developed with top lighting manufacturers, Access Discounts is able to provide the very best in lighting solutions at affordable prices. As a leading supplier of lighting fixtures for horticultural lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, Access Discounts strives to bring quality lighting to customers nationwide. Founded in 2002 with headquarters in Milpitas, CA offers lights, lighting fixtures and accessories for residential, commercial and horticulture lighting needs. For more information, please visit

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Aeris Communications added an article reviewing smart energy solutions

Aeris Communications, the leading wireless communications service provider dedicated exclusively to the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and telematics marketplace across North America, today announced the company has added an article reviewing smart energy solutions to its Website.

The article provides an overview of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), an “intelligent” technology that includes metering systems capable of recording and reporting energy consumption and other measurements at more frequent intervals than the typical billing cycle (usually monthly). The full article is available for viewing at

Readily deployed over wireless networks, advanced metering technology will work with today’s energy sources (gas, water, electricity) and provides answers for management and conservation of future renewable energy grids. Through the use of AMI, development and management of new power markets promises both a brighter and greener future for all involved in the energy equation.

The article provides an overview of current and future uses of AMI and provides details about the benefits of implementing AMI including improved network reliability and system responsiveness as well as increased meter functionality. The article also outlines economic and environmental efficiencies.

About Aeris Communications, Inc.
Aeris is the leading wireless communications service provider dedicated exclusively to the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Telematics marketplace across North America. Aeris has assembled and seamlessly integrated its top tier carrier partner networks through AerFrame™ to provide customers with simplified, unified, reliable, and even customized network services for M2M and Telematics applications. Since 1992, Aeris has developed expertise and patented technologies now proven on millions of devices and billions of messages per year. Aeris provides expert services, superior reliability, broader coverage, lower latency, and unsurpassed customer support and managed services. For more information, please visit or call 1-888-GO-AERIS.


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Sun Electronics, a leader in solar integration and design, is now harnessing the power of the sun at its downtown Miami headquarters

Sun Electronics has placed 129 solar panels on its rooftop which provides 23kW of power with their grid tie system. The system allows Sun to supply all of it’s daily electrical needs, sell any overage back to the utility, and provide long term independent power in case of a long term power outage.

“Americans must take responsibility in helping themselves to the enormous opportunity that solar energy can supply” says owner and President John Kimball.

John Kimball started working in the solar business in 1973, in Tucson, Arizona at the age of 21. Kimball started the Tucson Energy Center in 1973, worked in three U.S. Congressional offices including U.S. Representative Morris K. Udall, Arizona; U.S. Representative Phillip Sharp, Indiana; and U.S. Representative George Brown Jr, California. Following several years working on solar energy in Washington, he went to work for Arizona Governor Bruce Babbit‘s Arizona Solar Energy Commission. He then worked a as a sales engineer for Photowatt, Photocomm, and Kyocera America.

For 35 years Kimball has been helping dealers and customers in the design and promotion of solar and renewable energy systems, back up, and independent power systems worldwide.

Sun ships worldwide, and the company projects sales exceeding 15 million for 2008.

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Additron Technologies has received approval from the Shanghai Municipal Committee Secretary to proceed with the acquisition of approximately 1.8 square kilometres in Pudong New District, Shanghai to build its Strategic Fuels and Chemicals Center

Additron Technologies, Inc. today announced that it has received approval from the Shanghai Municipal Committee Secretary to proceed with the acquisition of approximately 1.8 square kilometres in Pudong New District, Shanghai. Additron intends to build its Pudong Strategic Fuels and Chemicals Center at the site.

The facility will produce Additron’s ultra-clean synthetic transportation fuels and specialty chemicals.

Alexander Chen, Additron’s President and Chief Executive Officer stated, “We are pleased to have located this site for our synthetic fuels and chemicals facility. The site is ideally located with access to multiple feedstocks (pet coke, coal and biomass), central to several product distribution channels.

Chen continued, “The aquisition of this site is instrumental in moving this project forward. By using domestic resources, facilities such as this one will play a critical role in increasing China’s energy security while reducing the regions greenhouse gas footprint.”

Based on a study conducted by the Shanghai CPC Department of Energy, Additron’s proprietary Nano Enhanced ICL process was free of virtually all carbon dioxide emissions.

Xi Jinping, former CPC Party Secretary said, “Shanghai is excited about Additron’s decision to commit to exercise the option on the site. This project will be a great enhancement to the economic progress of not only the Pudong New District, but to all of Shanghai.”

Using Additron’s proprietary Nano Enhanced ICL process, the Pudong Strategic Fuels and Chemicals Center will be designed to use petroleum coke or coal supplemented with biomass as gasification feedstocks.

The project will initially produce 40,000 barrels per day of ultra clean synthetic fuels and specialty chemicals and will be expandable to 80,000 barrels per day.

About Additron Technologies, Inc.
Additron Technologies, Inc., founded in 1997, provides clean energy solutions. The Company developed the Nano Enhanced ICL Process which transforms coal into valuable and clean alternative fuels and chemicals.

Additron Technologies is an innovative energy company aiming to revolutionize the ethanol, diesel fuel, jet fuel and waste-to-power industries with new products and services targeting totally clean, environmentally sensitive, economical and renewable power solutions, and to help solve global problems regarding pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

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McCain shows versatility in arranging for Coal delivery from the State of Arizona to provide power to Nevada gaming businesses

Senator McCain shows versatility in arranging for Coal delivery from the State of Arizona to provide power to Nevada gaming businesses. Removes Dineh-Navajo farmers from the Black Mesa area to allow Coal to be mined.

Senator John McCain of Arizona has worked vigorously since he was just a state Senator in Arizona, for nearly 30 years, to insure cheap coal driven power was available for the Casino Industry in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. (see:

Senator McCain’s efforts assured that the first ever steam powered Coal Slurry pipeline was built between Kayenta, Arizona, and the Mohave Generating Station, and that Coal Mining Giant had all the resources it needs to dig the Coal that is plentiful and near the surface of Black Mesa, Airzona. (see:

His constant support and indefatigable work insuring that key laws were passed made it possible for Coal and Power Giants Peabody Western Coal and Bechtel Corporation to team up and make sure that the biggest tourism industry in the US: Casino Gaming, stayed vital and prolific with coal driven power. (see:

Furthermore, what Senator McCain has done legislatively as head of the Senate Committe on Indian Affairs for the Navajo of Arizona (500 year residents of Arizona reservations) is a classical example of the US Senate at its best. Resettlement programs to make certain that the Natives were not disrupted by the mining operations, political support to organize Hopi tribal counsels, to make certain that every farmer’s land rights were vigorishly insured, right down to payments of $2500 or more for individual parcels, have insured a continuous flow of coal slurry to Nevada, so that the Gaming Industry has had all the power from the Mohave Generators that it needs to “light up the strip” nightly, on the face of power shortages ordinarily seen throughout California and Nevada. (see:

The Casino Gaming and Power Industry have been undoubtedly pleased by Senator McCain’s activities on their behalf, and have been amongst his staunchest supporters in his three runs for the White House.

For these and other details, press footage, documentation on his amazing achievements, and supporting film, see:

This information has been issued by the American Computer Scientists Association Inc. in order to insure that the Public finds out what an amazing man Senator John McCain really is. The ACSA, headquartered in Los Alamos, Nevada, and Cranford, NJ, is one of the world’s largest private non-profit foundations in the Computer Sciences. It’s website is:

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Cost Efficient Way to Heat Homes or Shops This Winter With Wood

With the heat still affecting much of the USA, sitting back in the easy chair in a warm home is probably the last thing homeowners would be thinking about in late September. However, it is time to be thinking of an alternative heating solution for your home. Instead of letting your money go up the chimney, why not look into a forced air wood burning furnace that sits outside.

Scott Bradley an expert in outside wood heaters at Bradley Enterprises suggests that now is the time to be selecting a heater and getting it installed prior to the heating season.

“Now before fall or winter even arrives is the time to be thinking about what to do with those high heating bills you will have coming.” Scott Bradley says, sales manager of Bradley Enterprises in Ozark, Missouri. “Waiting till late fall is not a good option since demand will outstrip supply of outside wood furnaces like last fall and winter. You will be faced with a long wait for a furnace. This could have you installing on a cold winter day instead of a nice fall afternoon.”

If you have access to wood, and live in a mainly rural area an outdoor wood heater would be the ideal alternative heat source for your home or shop. Always be sure and check with your local zoning board to make sure a unit could be installed on your property.

Several factors that will influence the prices of heating oil, propane, natural gas, and electricity in the upcoming winter season October 2007 thru March 2008 include:

1. China and India and other areas of the world have a strong demand for diesel fuel which is similar to home heating oil.

2. Tight crude supply and political unrest in several areas of the world (Middle East tension, Iran, Nigeria just to name a few places).

3. Hurricane related interruptions in supply.

4. A lack of excess production capacity, in the past other areas of the world could make up for production disruptions in another area. Now, with an increase in demand all over the world the excess does not exist.

5. The amount of winter weather we have as transportation of heating oil can be slowed by snowy roads or frozen rivers.

These are just some of the reasons heating your home could be more expensive this winter season. All the different heating source usually follow one another in pricing during a winter season.

Homeowners that are interested in burning wood in a outside wood heater should find them priced from $1400.00 to $7-8000 dollars it will depend on the style, options or size of the heating unit.

More information on outside heating units can be found online very easily by using a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Looking for information by using “outside wood heater, outside wood furnace, outdoor furnace” will bring up a variety of manufacturers product lines.

For more information on the news included in this release (or an interview) contact Scott Bradley or visit

About Bradley Enterprises:
In business over 19 years selling forced air outside wood furnaces locally and shipping throughout the entire USA from the website. Number one in sales volume of the Lil’house outside the house forced air wood furnace.


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Welcome to EPR Energy News

EPR Energy News is a new blog, part of EPR Network, that is going to be focused on and will be covering the energy news and stories from press releases published on EPR Network.

EPR Network (EPR stands for express press release) is one of the nation’s largest press release distribution networks on Web. The EPR’s nationwide network includes 12 State based PR sites, one major PR forum and a number of industry specific PR blogs and what started as a hobby on Internet years ago turned out to be a rapidly growing business today. EPR Network is also known as one of the most trusted (human optimized, published, edited and monitored, spam/scam/low quality PR content free) PR sites on the web with more than 10,000 company and individual press releases distributed per month. EPR Network is putting your press releases on top of all major search engines’ results and is reaching thousands of individuals, companies, PR specialists, media professionals, bloggers and journalists every day.

EPR Network has thousands of clients around the world including global 500 corporations like Hilton Hotels, Barclays Bank, AXA Insurance, Tesco UK, eBay/Skype, Emirates, just to name a few. The network’s PR web sites are currently reaching from 150,000 to sometimes 500,000 unique visitors per month while our viral reach could possibly go to as much as 1M people per month through our presence across various social media sites. EPR Network was established in 2004 and as of May 2008 it had more than 800,000 press releases (pages) published on its network.

If you have a press release to be distributed, you can do it over here: press release distribution