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Npower To Offer Free Carbon Monoxide Alarms To Mark Gas Safety Week

npower is offering a free carbon monoxide alarm worth £25 to anyone who purchase hometeam 50 boiler and central heating care to mark Gas Safety week (12-18 September).

Emily Stagg from npower hometeam 50, commented: “As people begin to use their central heating systems this autumn, the chance of a carbon monoxide leak increases significantly.

“Checking appliances regularly for damage and having your boiler professionally serviced by a Gas Safe Engineer just once a year could also significantly reduce the risk of leaks by detecting problems early. September is the ideal time to do this, as you usually aren’t yet relying on your heating daily. It’s also a good time to consider boiler care, so you’re covered should anything go wrong during the winter.

“That’s why we’re offering double the peace of mind with our carbon monoxide alarms for everyone that signs up to hometeam 50 during this week.”

Carbon monoxide alarms from npower hometeam come pre-fitted with batteries so no installation or mains power is required. The kite-marked alarms, which are fully approved by all European standards, come with a six year guarantee and an automatic sensor adjustment with a continuous self-test function to ensure complete accuracy. The CO alarm should be positioned in the same room as the gas appliance or boiler and replaced after six years.

npower hometeam 50 is available for boiler and central heating care and offers customers 50 per cent of their annual fee back if they haven’t called out npower’s hometeam during their 12 month contract. The cost of hometeam 50 also includes a gas safety inspection and annual boiler service usually worth £75.57. 24 hour emergency helpline and 12 month guarantee for repairs.

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npower Hometeam Praised By Financial Expert Jasmine Birtles

npower hometeam has been named by Jasmine Birtles has a good example of a company who shares its ‘no claims’ cost savings with customers.

Broadcaster, financial expert and founder of Moneymagpie.com, Jasmine Birtles, has attacked British businesses which profit from insurance, cover and care products and then fail to share the cost savings with those customers who don’t make a claim.

Birtles has called for businesses to offer a form of ‘no claims bonus’ cash back and it seems British families feeling the squeeze agree. A survey of 2,000 consumers* released shows that nearly 80 per cent believe they should receive an annual cash pay-out if they don’t call on an insurance or care product.

Her comments add to the on-going PPI debate which has seen banks come under increasing pressure over insurance products. Yet Birtles is quick to point out that the problem is wide-spread across the consumer market.

She explained: “All sorts of corporations, from banks to insurance companies and energy providers, clearly benefit from cost to serve savings when customers don’t claim against their products or policies, but where’s the reward for these customers? Good business is a two-way thing where both sides should benefit. As the cost of living continues to rise, wouldn’t it be nice to see more big businesses sharing these savings with some sort of cash back?

“npower’s hometeam 50 boiler and central heating care is a good example, as it’s priced the same as British Gas’ homecare, but offers customers 50% cash back if they don’t have an emergency call out during their 12 month care plan. Currently, npower is the only boiler care provider offering anything like this.

“npower estimates it will be pay out more than £700,000 in cash back over the next 12 months, but if all energy providers did this, there could be cash back of more than £500million in customers’ pockets from the boiler care market alone.”**

If businesses followed this advice it actually might benefit them, as 81 per cent of consumers questioned in the npower survey said they would be more likely to choose a product if it offered some sort of cash back.

Via EPR Network
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