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ZAP Engineering And Construction Services Inc. Names Carl Soderman As New President

ZAP Engineering and Construction Services, Inc. (ZAP ECS), a leading full service engineering and construction management company serving the gas processing, pipeline, field services, petroleum, refinery, chemical and alternative energy industries, names Carl Soderman as President to manage the firms substantial team growth experienced over the past year and lead the firm into the future.

“Carl comes to our business with the experience needed to navigate ZAP’s evolving business expansion in a full range of professional services.,” said Steve Tzap, CEO of ZAP ECS. “His strong track record in operational efficiency and growth, combined with an emphasis on quality and customer focus will be the key assets to driving the continued success of our business.”

Soderman joins ZAP Engineering and Construction Services, Inc. as a recognized leader in engineering and operations with over 30 years of experience in the natural gas industry. His responsibilities have included engineering management, operations management, project development, project management and operations engineering. In directing groups in a leadership role, responsibilities have included asset planning and development, asset optimization, acquisition and merger due diligence and integration, and project delivery.

“ZAP’s business model is built upon client representation and personal attention as the foundation to the company’s philosophy. Monitoring the investments our clients allocate to each specific project is a key element to the “partners in business” commitment at ZAP,” commented Steve. “Soderman has broad management experience in executive and leadership positions across a wide range of commercial, operational, and quality functions, as well as familiarity with the ZAP organization.”

Prior to joining ZAP ECS, Soderman was Northern US Process Manager with Enerflex Energy Systems, Ltd., a division of Toromont Industries, Inc.(TSX: TIH), an international company delivering products, services and integrated solutions to all corners of the world, focusing on the natural gas industry. After graduating from University of Texas of Austin in 1979 his exceptional career background progressed from Project Engineer with Brown and Root to Manager of Operations, Process Engineering Manager to Vice President of Engineering with DCP Midstream.

“I am excited at the opportunity to lead the ZAP ECS organization,” said Carl Soderman. “The firm’s portfolio of services has tremendous recognition in the market. The challenge ahead is to leverage that awareness and continue to develop innovative products and services that the market demands and our customers expect.”

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Eupelix LLC Develops Low Energy, Low Emission Process Of Refining Petroleum

Scientists of Eupelix, LLC have developed an ecologically clean, energy efficient method modifying properties of crude petroleum, including braking down long molecules (cracking) into smaller molecules, at room temperature. 

First demonstration experiments were carried out recently by Eupelix staff with the assistance of researchers from the University of Illinois College of Engineering, the Illinois Sustainable Technology Center and the Illinois State Geological Survey.

Eupelix personnel used high frequency, solid-state pulse generators in proprietary circuits and reactors to produce fast electromagnetic fields which affected the physical and chemical properties of crude oils in large volumes. The process decreased the content of heavy oil fractions, breaking them into more valuable, lighter fractions. There also are decreases in the viscosity and the content of toxic sulfur compounds.

For more than 70 years, traditional thermal cracking processes have been carried out by oil refineries at extremely high temperatures. Temperatures exceeding 500 °C have been used to break heavy oil fractions into lighter fractions to produce gasoline and diesel fuels.

“Using these high temperatures involves the extensive power consumption contributing to the cost of fuels and negative environmental impact,” said Eupelix CEO Dmitri Novikov.

Now important steps in upgrading oils can be accomplished without the use of heat, minimizing energy consumption and the impact on the environment, Novikov said.

Petroleum desulfurization is also an important issue for the oil industry trying to reduce the content of sulfur in the end products. This decreases the environmental toxicity of burned fuels. The new process facilitates desulfurization.

The method uses modern pulse equipment, which has been utilized in applications related to radar modulators, particle accelerators and lasers.

“About a decade ago, the project was in the nascent stage because the pulse equipment was not nearly as efficient as it has become in recent years. Hardly anyone tried applying it for processing of petroleum. ” said Igor Pyzh, Eupelix visiting engineering consultant.

Pyzh came from the Ukraine to assist with test experiments for prospective industrial partners and collaborators in the United States.

Using available powerful pulse equipment, hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil per day can be processed satisfying commercial-scale refining. Pyzh says, it is just a matter ofadjusting the equipment to the kinds of processed oils. This can be done in the new Euplex lab in Illinois.

“There are also other interesting, ecologically clean applications that we are exploring together with our collaborators,” Novikov said.

The major efforts of the company are focused on applying this process to large scale petroleum refining for industrial partners in Illinois, the State of Eupelix registration, and for partners in the Ukraine, the home country of the invention.

CONTACT: Dr. Dmitri V. Novikov 
217-351-3542 Eupelix, L.L.C.

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