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AccessDiscounts.com Offers Westinghouse Ceiling Fans for Summer Season

AccessDiscounts.com, the web’s leading online retailer of commercial lights, grow lights and home lighting, is proud to offer a variety of Westinghouse ceiling fans for the summer months. With dozens of different styles and superior quality, Westinghouse is at the top of the list when it comes to the kind of ceiling fan you want to keep the circulation going in your home or business during the dog days of summer.

“The key to keeping cool in your home or business during the summer months isn’t just to keep the windows open or the A/C on, it’s about keeping the air circulating in a room,” said Christina Roush, spokesperson for Access Discounts. “While portable fans do a decent job at getting the air moving in a room, they pale in comparison to the job that a ceiling fan can do, especially one that is of such high quality as a Westinghouse ceiling fans. A ceiling fan not only gets the air moving, but it also gets the air moving at the ceiling, which almost instantly cools the room from the top down. It doesn’t just allow you to get a cooling breeze from the fan blades, it also allows the air to circulate throughout the room, which is vital for not just keeping the temperatures down in the summer time, but also taking care of any of those stagnant odors that tend to occur. Plus, operating your ceiling fan is a lot cheaper than keeping your A/C unit on 24/7.”

AccessDiscounts.com features nearly 100 different styles of Westinhouse ceiling fans. With superior innovation, style and durability, Westinghouse ceiling fans have a reputation for being long lasting and efficient, all while blending into the natural décor of a room. AccessDiscounts.com offers the latest styles and designs from Westinghouse including industrial commercial ceiling fans, energy saving fans, oak fans, vintage-style fans, and much more, all for a lot less than you would find in stores. You can find a full listing of Westinghouse ceiling fans at www.accessdiscounts.com/rceilfan.html.

Offering the best prices and stellar customer service, AccessDiscounts.com stocks the highest quality grow light systems, bulbs, ballasts, reflectors and accessories to satisfy everyone from those trying indoor gardening for the first time, to those serious gardeners looking to grow the plumpest, juiciest tomatoes. With dozens of systems which fit any individual need or price range, people can grow their gardens in their living rooms, bedrooms, office, or even inside a closet.

For a limited time, customers can receive a 5% discount on all grow light purchases over $999 and free shipping on orders over $1,499. Check www.accessdiscounts.com for more details.

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Energy Saving High Bay Light Fixtures Offer Green Benefit

www.AccessDiscounts.us – a leading supplier of commercial lighting, residential lighting and grow lights, today announced the newest inventory of energy saving lights including compact fluorescent hi bay fixtures that provide environmentally conscious lighting customers more options in green lighting solutions.

The line of acrylic lights are not only eco-friendly, but provide significant savings for customers from an economic standpoint. The compact fluorescent fixtures are listed for damp locations and warehouse facilities, commercial buildings, manufacturing plants, shipping and receiving areas and storage facilities.

With it’s up-light components, the 22″ acrylic CFL high bay fixture is UL listed and the reflector has a 92.5 total luminaries efficiency, which is ideal for light colored ceilings. The overall height is 22.3″ with a 15.07 ballast housing offering substantial light at lower energy savings costs.

The use of commercial lighting fixtures such as the acrylic high bay fixtures provides brighter and lighter solutions that are conducive to the green movement.

Access Discounts offers low cost solutions for commercial lighting solutions that address lighting as well as lower energy costs. Providing 100% American made commercial lighting products guaranteed to be of the highest quality, Access Discounts aims to provide customers efficient, effective and quality commercial and residential lighting solutions.

Ideal for commercial, the 22″ acrylic CFL high bay fluorescent light fixtures bring value not only in the form of green lighting and energy efficient savings, but the cost in comparison to alternative lighting solutions is a substantial benefit as well. Customers can experience significant savings on commercial lights including high bay aluminum lights, low bay lights as well as wall packs designed for residential or commercial exteriors, entry ways, stairways, parking garages, or storage areas.

“With the economic slow down and soaring energy costs happening today, it is crucial for organizations to offset costs wherever possible. With the instant savings offered by Access Discounts businesses and consumers can leverage the site-wide cost savings and add value all the while minimizing the costs associated with rising energy costs,” stated Christina Roush, spokesperson for Access Discounts.

By offering precision engineered products meeting ETL, UL & CUL standards, the company brings the very best in energy efficient lighting solutions to market while passing savings on to their customers. Customers can take advantage of Access Discounts‘ price breaks and implement power saving and cost saving solutions with minimal investment. For more information on commercial lights on sale, please visithttp://www.accessdiscounts.us/commercial-lights.html

About Access Discounts
AccessDiscounts.us provides a wide selection of grow lightsresidential lighting andcommercial lighting of the highest quality. Leveraging the close relationships developed with top lighting manufacturers, Access Discounts is able to provide the very best in lighting solutions at affordable prices. As a leading supplier of lighting fixtures for horticultural lighting, indoor and outdoor lighting, Access Discounts strives to bring quality lighting to customers nationwide. Founded in 2002 with headquarters in Milpitas, CA AccessDiscounts.us offers lights, lighting fixtures and accessories for residential, commercial and horticulture lighting needs. For more information, please visithttp://www.AccessDiscounts.us.

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